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The following information is designed to walk team captains through the process of using etransfers to pay for registration.


Currently the PIT only accepts the following payment options:


  • Straight Cash Homey       Let Randy Moss be your guide 
    Note there is an additional fee for paying with cash


  • Certified Cheque       Payable to PIT FOOTBALL CORP 
    Note there is an additional fee for paying via cheque


  • Money Order       Payable to PIT FOOTBALL CORP 
    Note there is an additional fee for paying via money order


  • Gold Doubloons 
    Note there is an additional fee for paying via gold doubloons


  • Interac e-transfer (Email Money Transfer) 
    Note NO additional fee for paying via etransfer. THIS IS YOUR BEST OPTION!      

    See How Interac e-transfer works



Why is an e-transfer your best option?


  • Etransfer saves you time! Have your teammates etransfer you the money. Don't waste time tracking down your teammates, driving to their homes, or risk have them avoid paying. Set up etransfers so your teammates just send you the money via email. Collection made simple!

  • Etransfer makes payments convenient! Send the money to PITFootball via etransfer. Avoid driving across the city, avoid the in-climate weather, save time, save gas!

  • Etransfer is safe and secure! Send the money and you will receive an email stating when your etransfer has been sent and when the etransfer has been collected. You will have a receipt of your payment and no one can collect the etransfer without your permission.

  • Etransfer saves you money! Due to the fact that the banks are charging the PIT extortionist rates for a business account we are offering discounts on all registration completed by etransfer. So in reality, etransfers save team captains time, money, and aggravation. Etransfers also save the PIT Crew from going all Bonnie and Clyde on our bank! You save money, we stay out of jail, everyone wins. 

  • Etransfer is easy! If you don't already use etransfer follow the instructions below and you will be up and running in ten minutes, less time that it would take to drive to my house to drop off money!

    Click this link to learn everything about etransfer!


Interac e-transfer FAQS


  • Question: What email address do I send the interac e-transfer to?


  • Question: What is the password/security question I should use?
    Answer: As long as you let us know the answer to your security question you can make up anything you want! Note: Passwords are case-sensitive so make sure you let the league know exactly how the answer is spelled with appropriate capitalization


  • Question: How do I know if my team has been registered?
    Answer: Your bank will send you a confirmation that the funds have been transferred, the PIT will also send a confirmation of registration email indicating your team is registered for the upcoming season




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